Time to Talk about Race and Unconscious Bias

TIme to talk about race online course provided by Strawberry Words

Level: Foundation

Running time: 46 minutes

Cost: £250 (for one year)


Information video

Time to Talk about Race and Unconscious Bias is an introductory course designed to provide a basic overview of these areas. It aims to dispel myths and get straight to the facts. It is for people in the workplace and individuals who have a personal interest.

It will allow learners to gain foundational academically researched knowledge on race, racism and unconscious bias. It answers many questions people are often afraid to ask and allows learners to acquire information without feeling uncomfortable in a group setting.

The course is supported by a resource pack which includes provoking questions to encourage thought and further discussion. It also contains a booklist to build upon the lessons.

It is delivered by Rebbecca Hemmings – Director of Strawberry Words training consultancy.  She has 23 years’ experience of facilitating conversations about race and cultural awareness. Coming from an empathetic perspective, the aim during the sessions to enlighten, empower and promote equity for all whilst considering the emotional impact upon the learner.

The primary aim of the course is to enable learners to define and explore unconscious bias, make vital connections to racism and learn techniques to reduce the harmful effects in the community and workplace.


  • Defining racism
  • Impact of racism
  • Key terms
  • Language (in reference to race i.e. use of the term B.A.M.E.)
  • Defining unconscious bias
  • Types of unconscious bias
  • Debiasing techniques

How it works

Once the purchase has been made, users will have full lifetime access to the course. The longest video is 12 minutes with most averaging 4 minutes each. Learners simply watch each video and takes notes to aid your learning. After viewing a video, users are encouraged to refer to the supporting resources to answer reflective questions and read more supporting information. There are no tests or assignments, the course is purely designed as a place to find the information, and enable to participant space to think and to contextualise the facts.

Once the course has been purchased, you will gain access to it for one year from the date of purchase. This can be accessed by anyone in your organisation

What others have said about Strawberry Words’ talks and courses…

Rebbecca was excellent, and the session ran smoothly. She was very informative and left us with lots to think about.”

Course participant from Imagine Independence – 2020

My takeaway is to read up on this and make some stronger commitments as a company.”

Talk attendee from Avanti West Coast – 2020

“…it was a really thorough and engaging session – thank you.”

University of Sussex participant 2020

Rebbecca created a safe space for discussion and gave me some interesting tools to apply to my work.”

Creative Black Country participant – 2020

 “Discussing the broader issues first for context, then seeing/hearing specific examples.”

(Speaking on what they found most useful) University of Birmingham participant – 2020