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    Do You REALLY Know What Constitutes Racism?

    It is imperative that, when talking about racism, we start by defining it. Far too often, I find that people have a very narrow and misinformed definition of racism. This is very unhelpful when trying to discuss how organisations can work towards becoming antiracist. Therefore, this blog aims to help readers understand the different types of racism and, thereby, better position individuals and organisations to make positive change.

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    Be Honest, Why is your Organisation Booking Antiracism Training?

    By Rebbbecca Hemmings Mid-sentence, I was interrupted. The lone black man in the room accompanied by his white colleagues gently but insistently interjected “Rebbecca, can I stop you there?” From the look on his face, I could see he needed to speak in that moment. I nodded. “In my 30+ years of working for this organisation, I have never had my white colleagues describe and acknowledge racism for what it truly is.” He shared. Noticing the loaded emotion behind his eyes and knowing what he was experiencing, I asked “And how does that feel?” There was a pregnant pause followed by one simple word which I understood symbolised so many…