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    Be Honest, Why is your Organisation Booking Antiracism Training?

    By Rebbbecca Hemmings Mid-sentence, I was interrupted. The lone black man in the room accompanied by his white colleagues gently but insistently interjected “Rebbecca, can I stop you there?” From the look on his face, I could see he needed to speak in that moment. I nodded. “In my 30+ years of working for this organisation, I have never had my white colleagues describe and acknowledge racism for what it truly is.” He shared. Noticing the loaded emotion behind his eyes and knowing what he was experiencing, I asked “And how does that feel?” There was a pregnant pause followed by one simple word which I understood symbolised so many…

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    Ten Ways to Develop Racial Awareness with Primary Aged Children

    By Rebbecca Hemmings Children are born without prejudices but as they become more influenced by the outside world, they begin to form views about it. Some believe that since this is the case, racism should not be discussed for fear of planting ideas in children’s minds but actually what is more likely to happen is that as the child grows and learns, any racist views held will be strengthened if not challenged. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we have created a list of our top tips for talking about racism with children. This is targeted at primary schools but most points can also be utilised by parents/carers and for…

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    Every Little Thing Children’s Antiracism Song

    Earlier this year we were asked to visit a primary school to help children to think about racism to encourage pupils to treat one another equally as there had been some racial incidents. The headteacher wanted pupils to be clear that racism has no place in their school. The idea was to teach them gently cover antiracism aims through workshops designed to talk about race. The children were very open about seeing different skin colours. Some innocent disparaging opinions were discussed and this made for great learning opportunities. By the end of the sessions, all children were clear that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of the colour of their…

  • Time to Talk about Race

    This FREE introductory course provides participants with a starting point to think about strategies to improve cultural diversity in the workplace