Businesses and organisations now more than ever need to make key and often quick decisions. Independent facilitation of the process ensures that a session is well-managed. Strawberry Words can facilitate Away Days, strategy and planning sessions with the additional following benefits:

  • Using a creative approach to gain maximum participation and interest
  • Having the ability to step away from the problem and analyse it from a distance.
  • Being able to focus on finding solutions and not facilitating the process
  • Increased participation by all
  • A collective investment in the process
  • A record of the conversation is made
  • A report can follow sessions to ensure clear pathways
  • Sessions are time efficient

After a thorough consultation we plan and execute the session, using elements of Design Thinking, sometimes creating a Theory of Change plan and other creative methods for maximum engagement and deep-rooted solutions.

Our job is to ensure the group is clear on its strategic vision, goals and objectives, so that a measured set of actions can be taken. If so desired, we continue the relationship, to hold the group accountable to its strategic plan.

“We have worked with Rebbecca on our annual business strategy. Acting as facilitator for us, Rebbecca has ensured that we have kept on the right track, and asked all of the pertinent questions necessary to inspire and challenge us. As a business we are much more focussed and aligned than ever before. Rebbecca had an immediate understanding of our dynamic as a team, which was essential in order to work with and motivate us.” Irma

Deeming – Fleetmilne March 2018

“Thank you so much for this. You really captured what I said and turned it into something tangible. You’ve helped me to build my confidence in how I explain what the brand is.”

Dominique Lescott of HAIR POPP