Antiracism Reading List

Antiracism reading list by Strawberry Words

The following is a set of reading material we have found very useful in understanding, teaching and facilitating conversations around systemic racism. This list is often shared with course participants. We believe everyone needs an honest education on how systemic racism works, therefore we are making this available to all. Please feel free to share this list.

Learning about racism can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. Therefore, books recommended for beginners have been highlighted.


Olusoga, D. (2016) Black and British: A forgotten history

Winters, M.(2020) Black fatigue: how racism erodes the mind, body and spirit

Frost, S. & Alidina, R.(2019) Building an inclusive organisation: leveraging the power of a diverse workforce

Sarpong, J (2017) Diversify – Six degrees of integration

Pedersen, P. & Hofstede, G. (2002) Exploring culture: exercises, stories and synthetic cultures

Roberts, D. (2011) Fatal invention: how science, politics and big business recreate race in the twenty first century

Saad, L. (2020) Me and white supremacy: how to recognise your privilege, combat racism and change the world ***A great book for beginners

Jana, T. & Freeman, M. (2016) Overcoming bias

DiAngelo, R (2021) Nice Racism: how progressive white people perpetuate racial harm

Painter, N. (2010) The history of white people

Andrews, K. (2020) The new age of empire: how racism and colonialism still rule the world

Singh, A. (2019) The racial healing handbook: practical activities to help you challenge privilege, confront systemic racism & engage in collective healing

Syed, M. (2019)Rebel Ideas – The power of diverse thinking

Oluo, I. (2018) So you want to talk about race ***A great book for beginners

Jana, T & Baran, M. (2020) Subtle acts of exclusion: how to understand, identify and stop microaggressions ***A great book for beginners

Agarwal, P. (2020) Sway: unravelling unconscious bias

DiAngelo, R. (2018) White fragility: why it’s so hard to talk to white people about racism

Eddo-Lodge, R. (2017) Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race


BBC (2020, June 17) What is racism – and what can be done about it?

Sociology of Racism – Harvard University Matthew Clair, Jeffrey S. Denis sociology_of_racism_clairandenis_2015.pdf (

McGregor-Smith, B. (2017, February 28) The McGregor-Smith Review:Race in the workplace

Arts Council England (2017 – 2018) The Creative Case for Diversity

Lloyd, J. (2010) Ending ethnic discrimination in recruitment. The strategic society Centre

Sherbin, L. & Rashid R. (2017, February 1) Diversity Doesn’t Stick with Inclusion. Harvard Business Review

Navarro, R. A definition of unconscious bias

London Metropolitan University (2021, January 13) Universities are Failing to Recognise and Tackle Islamophobia

What is allyship?

McIntosh, P. (1989) What is white privilege?

Demond -Harris, J. (2015, February 16) A definition of microaggressions

American Psychological Association (2020) Speaking of Psychology: The invisibility of white privilege with Brian Lowery, PhD

Brown University Microaggressions and micro-affirmations

Disarming Racial Microaggression: Microintervention Strategies for Targets, White Allies and Bystanders Sue, D. W., Alsaidi, S., Awad, M. N., Glaeser, E., Calle, C. Z., & Mendez, N. (2019)  

Disarming racial microaggressions: Microintervention strategies for targets, White allies, and bystanders. (

Shapiro, S. OKUN, TEMA JON Ph.D. The Empower has no Clothes: Teaching about Race and racism to people who don’t want to know. (2010)

Dismantling Racism Workbook (2016)

Pfizer (n.d.) Understanding racial microaggression and its effect on mental health

Solórzano, D., Ceja, M. & Yosso, T. (2001) Critical race theory, racial microaggressions, and campus racial climate: The experiences of African American college students

 Universities are failing to recognise and tackle Islamophobia January 21

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