9th December 2019


Photo by Christina Morillo

Strawberry Words Services

The core of our work is geared towards developing excellence in people who grow to be: open to change, adaptable, masters of effective communication and creative thinkers who know how to get buy-in. 

All our work is naturally offered on a bespoke and can generally be broken down into the following categories:

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching offers the opportunity for change in individuals to create paradigm shifts, thus causing sustainable changes. This is often needed to build confidence, cope with change or to promote a growth mindset. Whatever the requirements are, we can work on first tackling any disempowering beliefs that might be preventing the change and then on the strategy to execute the desired goals.

Presentation Skills

75% of the British population is glossophobic – scared of public speaking. However, presenting our messages to others is a huge part of sharing ideas, gaining support and growing businesses and people. Our approach to developing the ability to present in front of an audience (be it one person or a thousand) is simple, we:

  1. Establish aims
  2. Identify resistance
  3. Share techniques
  4. Practice and conquer

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate well is an essential component of all organisations and businesses. If communication is poor, so will be the perception of the establishment or the person. We work with people and businesses to develop strong, clear and effective written and spoken discourse in safe environments.


At Strawberry Words, we always create uniquely designed projects to fit the needs of the client. However, to provide a picture, consultancy often takes the following forms:

Away Days

Strategy Days

Team Building days

Problem solving days

Arts CPD for Teachers

Given our history of working in the arts and education since 2002 (as Harvey Arts Ltd), we remain passionate about using our knowledge and experience to develop teachers. Our arts CPD training gets straight to the point. We understand that most teachers do not come from an artistic background and they just want to be able to take skills learnt from our training and use them in the classroom. Like everything we do our work is bespoke but CPD can include areas such as:

  • How to use arts to teach diversity
  • Using Spoken word to improve literacy levels
  • How to teach Shakespeare using theatre
  • Strategic arts planning